You Made The Right Decision…

Have you ever found yourself wondering if the path you chose is the right one? Maybe you have recently been faced with a situation where you’ve had a hard decision to make. You thought about it. Prayed about it. Thought about it again. Then it seemed like you were at a stand still waiting for an answer.

After what seemed like years, you finally receive revelation, and find what you feel to be peace in the matter. Then everything changes. Doors that were orginally opened to you begin to close, and the hole that was once before you has become deeper. You begin to feel like you are sinking and struggling just to keep your head above ground.

Have you felt this way before? Maybe you haven’t, but I have. I’ve been at that point where I knew I was doing God’s will, but everything around me seemed to show different. I want to encourage you by saying that although it may look as though you have made a wrong decision, you actually made the right decision.

Oftentimes the enemy will attempt to confuse and/or distract you. He will take what is good, and try to make it evil spoken of. He will throw up blinders, and smoke screens. He will try to stop you from completing the task which God has impressed upon you to complete.

Don’t allow the enemy to be successful in his plots and ploys. When it begins to look like you have made the wrong decision: 1) PRAY HARDER 2) FAST LONGER 3) PRAISE LOUDER!!!! Utilize your weapons. Use your mouthpiece. Utilize the Word of God!

You Made The Right Decision!

Stay Blessed
~K.M. Johnson