Who Do People Say You Are?

Have you ever wondered what people think of you? I’m sure you have. Though you probably say that you don’t care what others think. And I’m not asking if you care, but I’m asking if you have ever wondered? My curiosity has gotten the best of me lately, it seems that when people find out that I have written a book, that I maintain a blog, or that I am a Christian Life Coach in training they are somewhat surprised! My curiosity is in why are they so surprised? I must admit that mostly that has only happened since I have been deployed, but it is still a curious matter. So that’s when I begin to wonder, “what did they think of me before they found that out?” So maybe the question here is more appropriately, “who do they think I am?” When Jesus was traveling around Caesarea he asked his disciples, “Who do people say I am?” He knew that everyone had been talking about him, and he wanted to know what they were thinking and if they were receiving the message he was trying to deliver. The disciples told Jesus what the people were saying, and that they had never seen anyone like him, and did not know what to think of him. But Jesus was more concerned about those who were close to him, his disciples, and he then turned to them and said, “But who do you say I am?” Although those on the outside may be unsure as to who you are and what you represent, there should be no doubt with those who are close to you. The starting point of our faith is knowing who we say Jesus is. Once we are sure who he is, then we can know who we are in him! So maybe others on the outside are not sure who you are because they are not used to the Godly love and affection that you are capable of showing because you know who Jesus is. Just continue to show that love, and know with conviction who Jesus is and who you are in him. Those around you will eventually know too! Have a blessed day!