Where Are Your Priorities?

I’m amazed at how we as “Christians” tend to put everything before GOD. When I say before GOD I mean we put everything in our lives first and GOD second. So many times have I observed myself and others working hard to show our managers and supervisors how well we can do the jobs they were so nice to give us? We work late hours and come in early to show how thankful we are to have a job, and to ensure we maintain it? But when do we work that hard at showing GOD how thankful we are to have the job He has given us? We tend to forget that it was He who gave us that job we rush to every morning. It was Him who gave us the transportation in order to get there! We become so caught up in our lives while “IN” this world that we forget we are not “OF” this world. To often we place our focus in the wrong areas of our lives. If we could just center our thoughts on He who allowed them to be, who allowed us to exist, who made everything so….maybe life would seem a bit simpler. So where are your priorities? Or should I say, “Where are our piiorities?” Everything we have in this life was and truly is a gift. We own nothing, and are custodians over everything. Just as well as He has given us these things we choose to frustrate ourselves over, He can take them away! Try this exercise. Hold out your hands, flat, palms up facing the ceiling. Everything you see in the palms of your hand is what you own. Stay Blessed!