What "Bailout" Plan?

I’m sure if you have been following the news, you are very familiar with the various issues surrounding our economy, and government. With the election only days away, and the stock market acting crazy, everyone seems to be feeling the effects of the various economic issues. Except for one small group…..do you know who those people are?

No….not the rich…..guess again. Right now the only people who haven’t noticed gas prices raising, food prices hiking, and 10-yr 401K plans looking like they only hold 1 years worth of savings…would be….yes you guessed it..those bible believing Christians! Why do I say this? Because those who believe in the bible know that God said he will supply ALL of your needs. They also know that when you begin to worry about the things going on around you, that begins to affect your FAITH! Faith is a powerful thing. Faith can move mountains, put gas in your car, and money in your bank account! If you don’t believe me…”oh ye of little faith…”

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