Stay Focused and Never Lose Your Faith…

After returning from deployment, I have found myself extremely busy. I am always amazed at how often I have traveled in just 6 months of being back in the U.S. Currently, I am in Mississippi and am preparing to head to San Antonio.

It’s funny because, regardless of how busy I may find myself at times, there always seems to be something that happens in my life to cause me to lose focus and faith for a moment. Why am I telling you this? To show you that I know what it’s like, and that we each find ourselves tested and tried in different ways throughout our Christian journey.

What I have realized, is normally your test will be in something that you have been on your knees and praying to God about constantly. Why is that? Why is it that the very thing you have laid before the Lord in prayer fervently is always being tested? Can I say simply:

“The trying of your faith worketh patience..” (James 1:3)

So as I render words of encouragement to you, KNOW that I encourage myself as well. Do not allow the enemy to distract you and make you lose or redirect your focus. Whatever you have taken to the Lord in prayer KNOW that He has heard you, and as you continue to “delight yourself in the Lord..” KNOW that “He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

Stay focused, and never lose your faith!

Stay Blessed!
~K.M. Johnson