After spending time away from my friends and family I have realized that occasionally we all need the opportunity to separate ourselves from what we know in order to better focus on what we may be missing. Sometimes we can become so caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life that we loose ourselves. We forget where we were heading. We forget what we were doing, and we forget what was important to us. We confuse our priorities.So how do we get them back? How do we regain our focus? Prioritize? I think that sometimes GOD places us in situations that will force us to look at our situation. I mean REALLY look at it. Not glance, not peek, but look at it. In order to truly see where GOD is trying to lead us and take us, we have to be capable of looking outside of ourselves. It is too often said that sometimes you can’t see a situation because you are too close to it. In order to get our priorities straight we have to zero in our focus on GOD. Make Him our number one priority! Once we do that, it’s a downhill battle. Stay Focused. Stay Blessed!