Praying with the Grain – Review

I was very interested in this book because I consider myself to be a prayer warrior and this was an opportunity to see another perspective on prayer. Generally I view prayer from a spiritual perspective however, Dr. Martinez asks us to consider our personality types when it comes to our relationship with God and therefore our prayer life. Praying with the Grain highlights three factors that directly affect our praying: our temperament, our personality, and our circumstances.
Praying with the Grain is divided into two parts:  The Psychology of Prayer and The Apologetics of Prayer. It was also broken down into the following five chapters with the first three under ‘The Psychology of Prayer.’
1. Different Prayers for Different People
2. Overcoming Difficulties
3. The Therapeutic Value of Prayer
4. Prayer: Psychological Illusion?
5. Are All Prayers Alike?
Praying with the Grain definitely opened my eyes to the idea that the way a person prays is quite similar to the way that we operate in other areas of our lives. Using Carl Jung’s classifications along with the four personality types, Dr. Martinez delves deep into the temperament of an individual. I would recommend anyone looking for solutions to improve their prayer life consider reading Praying with the Grain. Understanding that although our personalities may affect the way we approach prayer, we should ultimately seek to evolve to the place where logic is no longer a part of our prayer life.
I want to thank Kregel Publications for providing me with this free review copy and making it possible for me to review this book.