I know there are plenty of things going on today that I probably should be talking about.

Instead of taking one of our daily Christian “hot topics”, or blogging about the DOW, I decided to allow a little of me to show. Don’t get me wrong, this writing has definitely been “me”, but I’ve really been trying to keep it on the business side, and not allow too much personal to interfere. Unfortunately, because like you I have situations that arise daily in my life….I have decided to take a pause. Only for a moment. A pause to allow the person behind the words to peek through just a little bit more.

What is this pause? This is just a moment for me to settle down a bit. Though I love singing God’s praises, and telling about all the great and merciful things He has done for me….I also know there are times where you may want to have a conversation where you feel you can talk freely.

So here goes…..PAUSE…..