New Year…means resolutions right?

Happy New Year!!!! OK so I know I am what…. 4 days late? No…not really. The New Year can, may, and will continue to be Happy until Dec 31. So did you make any resolutions? What did you resolve to do this year? Well, to be honest with you I didn’t make any resolutions. I considered it, then I thought maybe that’s what has been going wrong in my life all these years. You know, every year trying to determine what “I” could do to make my life better. What materialistic, or idealistic things “I” may have felt would change my life in a positive way….well that’s a great thought and all, but honestly the only true resolution I could make that would have a great impact on my life is to just say “yes”. So this year I have decided to tell God “yes”. Yes to His will, yes to His way. There’s no more I, but it’s you Christ that lives inside. Often we don’t realize the magnitude of that one word, or even just the power of totally submitting to God. See if we submit our selves, relax our “free will”, and truly allow God to do His work in our lives, then we open the doors for our blessings to begin. Resolving to submit to God, and allowing Him to work in our lives gives Him the opportunity to help us have the mind set to loose the weight, eat healthier, budget better, spend more time with the family, quit drinking, quit smoking, and so forth… Many of us get so wrapped up in wanting the assurance of free will that we miss out on what God can do for us, by simply not allowing Him to do it. We must realize that God gives us free will, but it is there for us to release unto Him in order for Him to move in our lives. So have you totally submitted to God? Are you still trying to do things on your own? Or are you really ready for a change? God wants to provide you with all of the desires of your heart. This year resolve to allow Him that opportunity! Stay Blessed!