Motivation Monday

Changing D-O-U-B-T into F-A-I-T-H.  I have a challenge for each of you this week, it’s a short one that will motivate you to view things from a different perspective. Self-doubt can be a large distraction when it comes to fulfilling your purpose in life. After a while, doubt turns into fear and worry. Think of one thing that you have always found yourself hearing doubt in your mind about. Something that you have a hard time believing that you can accomplish. Maybe it’s something simple like getting to work early instead of “on time”, or losing 1-2 pounds per week, or maybe you have a bad habit of thinking negatively about a certain person, place or thing. Whatever the “one” thing is…and only choose one….this week you will have to trade those negative thoughts towards that “thing” for a positive one! For example: instead of thinking, “I will never make it to work early this morning, I’m always running late.” Say, “Today, regardless of if it is 15minutes or 30 seconds, I will accomplish my goal of getting to work early!” So come on…turn that negative into a positive! I know you will have an amazing week and accomplish every goal you set for yourself this week! Stay focused, Stay determined, Stay motivated, and……..

Stay Blessed!
~KM Johnson

K.M. Johnson, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Faith Empowerment and Christian Life Coach, is a Christian Non-fiction Author and Inspirational Speaker from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As a member of the United States Army and while touring her book, “Knowing The Struggle Is Over”, K.M. has spoken to over 1,000 audience members nationwide. Contact K.M. at