Michael Jackson dies at 50

I know this has nothing to do with what I normally blog about, but it was on my mind. Before I went to bed last night I read a few things on Facebook concerning Michael Jackson’s death. Not believing it, mostly because it seemed so odd and sudden, I tried to google and see what came up. Since I am currently outside of the United States…there wasn’t much as it relates to the story that popped up on the first page(and we all know we don’t usually go to the second page before we type in a new search!). Anyhow, after going over to Yahoo, the most I was able to read was that he had been rushed to the hospital under cardiac arrest. I went to bed, somehow knowing the first stories would be true when I awoke. So this morning…I did not turn on the TV because everything is in Spanish, and the events from last night had settled to the back of my mind. Then I began reading all of these weird comments..”Dirty Diana“, “You are not alone…”, and “I stayed up watching videos…” I thought, “wait!”, “am I missing something?” Then I read, and watched, and read. Of course now I had to assess my own feelings. I did not cry. I was not sad. I know he was a great start, but….does this mean I’m not sincere? Does this mean I am strange when I can’t obviously feel what the rest of the world is feeling? Then it hit me. I realized that I didn’t cry at first because initially I was listening to the news of the death of a man who was not close to me. Although someone I truly respected, just not a friend or family member. My condolences are definitely out for the entire family, and I know what it feels like to lose a brother…then the rest began to set in…Michael Jackson, a phenomenal singer, and performer. He truly brought a “new” definition to “pop”. What affects me more is that he is one of the only stars that we can all probably honestly say has been a part of ours lives in some way through every phase. Think about it… At least I personally can think of several songs and accounts that were centered around a Michael Jackson song… so this I must say does make me sad. It does bring tears to my eyes to think that the someone who has so indirectly been and played a huge part of my life is now gone, so sudden, at such a young age. My prayer is that his family finds peace, as well as his fans, and that we all utilize this tragic event as another opportunity to reflect on our owns lives, and how we have affected those that are in it, both directly and indirectly..Have a blessed day!