It’s Good To Be Back!!!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank God for allowing me to have a safe year! As many of you know, I have been deployed to Iraq for the past year. I am now back safely in the United States, and am truly thankful for having traveling mercies!

I still continue to pray for my fellow Soldiers that are there and are preparing to deploy there. For all of those that are deployed and their families! The deployment definitely had an affect on me and my relationship with God. It is funny how sometimes we have to go into the literal “wilderness” in order to truly hear what God is trying to tell us.

As you know I try to keep this blog focused on issues that most Christians face daily, but I must include those that are serving in our military as well! What we don’t realize is that the same battles we face each face daily here in the states, those that are deployed are fighting that battle, and the one they were sent to fight for.

It can become a struggle at times, especially when everything around you seems to contradict your faith. I hope and pray that we all continue to keep each and every person we meet in our prayers. You never know what, where, or how many battles a person may be fighting! Stay Blessed and Encouraged!