Immaculate Conception?

Recently I have noted there are several people in my life who are unfamiliar with the stories of the bible. I mentioned this fact to one of the Ministers at my church, and he said it was a lack of Sunday school.

While that may be true, I don’t think that is the only reason…. It used to be we would wake up early Sunday morning and prepare for a long day of church that included Sunday school, Day service, and we always returned for a night service.

During that time, at least in my household, my mother would also always read the bible stories to us. Now if she didn’t actually read them, she at least bought us the book from the Christian bookstore! I still remember the ones I had, and when I visited the Christian bookstore the other day I saw some that were very similar if not the same!

Now we still have our parents who are in the church, but they are younger parents. It seems the younger parents are more concerned with their struggle with salvation that they forget to build a foundation for our children!

Unfortunately this is not a good thing! The children are our future..(and know I am not quoting Whitney Houston)…honestly. The younger generation are the ones who will succeed us. They are the ones who will continue to witness, and proclaim the wonderful love of GOD.

If we fail to instill the basic foundation of the word of GOD in them, eventually it will be nonexistent. Much of the lack of knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith is the absence of the biblical foundation!

I feel very strongly about this because many of my friends are just beginning their families, and those who are knew to salvation are missing the very reason why we serve such a mighty GOD!

I am very curious as to how many others missed out on this information growing up….please respond and let me know where you stand…

Stay Blessed