Finding Truth

Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself in the middle of conversations that have made me stop and say, “what do I believe?” In lieu of this, and knowing that there are NO coincidences in God, I decided that maybe I really needed to take the time to write it out , and make it plain!

During this journey, I have found myself learning more and more about what “Christians” believe. I have heard everything from the old “Baptist” mentality to the “COGIC (church of God in Christ)” mentality. But I guess the real question is “What is the right belief?”

We are all searching for a truth, an understanding. We don’t want to be told from anyone else, instead we want to see it, feel it, and experience the truth for ourselves. Well I have experienced God for myself, and I know that is the truth. One major part of being a believer is having the ability to stand firm on the foundation of the Word of God.

I will tell you, I don’t believe anything that does not line up with the word of God. It really is important to spend that time alone with God, talking to Him in order to having an understanding and true revelation of His word! I believe that the right belief is the Word of God. No exceptions, or deletions. Even when it doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves or those around us. The Word of God is the Word of God.

Why did I say all of this? Mainly because I want to challenge you to begin writing your own personal statement of faith. I will be posting mine soon, and you can use that as an example. In the meantime, begin thinking about what you believe. Write it down. Your statement should say what you personally believe about God, the Bible, and Salvation to start. Then you can expound on other main parts of your belief. Another thing is to find scriptures that support your belief. Study those scriptures and pray for insight and revelation.

Trust me…everything you need to know is in the bible! I look forward to sharing with you.

Stay Blessed.

~K.M. Johnson