Have you ever thought about entering into a detox program? Maybe you’ve considered one day cleansing your body of all of the toxic things you have either eaten or drank over the past few years. Maybe your detox goes beyond just food and drink, but includes medications or items like cigarettes. But have you ever considered you may need to detox yourself from people, places, and/or things in your life?

Often we find ourselves with stress and frustrations that have come as a result of others. We deal with issues and problems that are not our own, and they begin to weigh us down and hold us back from moving forward into the destiny and purpose that God has for us! People can become toxic entities in our lives, and they will. Ever so often you will find that person who will seem relentless. They won’t stop until you are where they are in life.

This would be a good thing if this person was walking in the will of God for their lives, and achieving their God-given purpose, but more often than not, they aren’t! Instead they are trying to find their purpose too, but they don’t know where to begin, and ultimately since you are around, they begin to depend on you!

As a Christian we should definitely be there to encourage these persons, but where is the line between good “Christian” behaviour and someone taking advantage of your “Christian” behaviour, or sometimes just your genuine concern for the persons involved?

Think about it: Are you tired? Lacking focus? Feeling anxious or afraid? Maybe you’re having a hard time making a decision that you KNOW would catapult you into the right direction for your life goals? It’s great to be a good “neighbor”, but when it begins to take a toll on you spiritually and mentally, then it’s time to do something. Whatever it is, it is time to DETOX!

Sometimes the people and places from our past to which we may find ourselves bound, can send us into a downward spiral. When I say detox I mean purge those things from you that are weighing you down, and keeping you from moving forward in the glory of the Lord. Pray about it. Ask God for guidance on theses people, places, and things. Fast. Then trust and believe. While you’re waiting for the detox process to be complete? Walk in it!

Stay Blessed!
~K.M. Johnson