A God Of A Second Chance

The sermon on Sunday was, “A God Of A Second Chance.” As I sat listening, I began to think of all of the times I had so obviously been given another try. Oftentimes we find ourselves in situations and of course we have no idea why they are happening. While we are going through, we may become worried, confused, and even frustrated. Each obstacle seems to be harder than the next and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.
So you begin to turn away. You become caught up in life’s issues and forget the issue of life. You make mistake after mistake until the pressure of correcting them is more of a burden than remaining in error. Then you feel yourself sliding deeper and deeper back into the place where you once came from.

See the beauty about God is that unlike man, he will forgive you. No matter how many times you mess up, no matter how many mistakes you have made, his love is unconditional. He will offer you his grace and mercy to bring you through. God loves us so much that even though we may have made some mistakes, he still considers us his child.

The next time you have made a mistake and you feel yourself slipping backwards, go to God in prayer. Approach him with a clear and sincere heart, as humble as you know how, and I assure you won’t walk away comfortless! Have a blessed day!